New in Version 2.0

Knockout! Format

Each round, all the participants are paired into two player matches.

If there are an odd number of players in a round, one person will get a buy that round. There are checks in place to prevent a player getting a second buy before anyone else gets their first buy.

After the round is complete, the total number of losses or "strikes" are tallied for each player. If a participant has the maximum allowed number of strikes, they do not proceed to the next round and are eliminated.

Players with less than the maximum allowed number of strikes proceed to the next round and randomly drawn into the next set of match pairs.

Last participant standing wins!

Doubles Mode

At the begining of the tournament, all players are paired randomly into two player teams.

Score Inputs

Tap a Match cell, then the Update Scores button below to add scores for particpents.

Status Bar

The Brackelope status bar is located directly below the stock iPad bar. It displays the number of players remaining in the tournament, the number of matches left to play and the number of available arenas. If there is only one available arena, its name will be displayed. Tap the icons for a quick information about players, matches or arenas.

Balanced Arena Draws

Balanced Arena Draw mode does its best to match players with the arenas they have played the fewest times. If an arena is available and both players have yet to play it, they will be assigned to that arena.

Random Arena Draws

Arenas and matches are drawn randomly without taking into account how many times the players in the match have played in that arena.

Brackelope Live

In the Tourney Settings tab, tap the Results table cell (at the bottom) and tap the Post Results Live button below. All matches will be sent to the server to be displayed online.

All new matches and results will be automatically updated online as you continue your tournament. If for some reason the internet connection gets out of sync, you can tap the Sync All button to resend the entire tournament at once.


Tap the Add Player to open the Add Player screen.

Previously used player names will show up in the menu for quick selection.

To quickly add a number of players, type the number of players to be added into the textfield and tap Add Player


Tap the Add Arena to open the Add Arena screen.

Previously used arena names will show up in the menu for quick selection.

To quickly add a number of players, type the number of players to be added into the textfield and tap Add Player

To disable an arena for a temporary amount of time, tap on the arena and then on the Disable Arena button. The arena will not be drawn when a new match is started.


Tap the Draw Match button to start a match from the current round on an available machine.

Once 4 or more players have been added, press the Start Tournament button.

When a match is in Ready status, you can tap Start or Hold. When a match is placed on hold, it will not be ignored when random matches are drawn.

When a match is Active, you can select a winner, postpone it or change its arena.

Use the search field to filter the matches by first names of players or arena names.


Double tap on a match to start matches, select winners, or manually insert players.

Use the Find Player table to locate the current position of the selected player.

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